I, wei jie, am an aspiring news/social media journalist. I’m interested in cool gadgets and gizmos, lego collectibles, nature, the occasional read, good food, travelling, football, music(I play the guitar and the piano …..soon), photography, social networking sites and not a BIG fan of mainstream Music or KPOP. Apple fanboy.

I currently own a Canon 600D and Lumix GX1 which I use for casual photography. Having invested thousands in lego collectibles and duel master’s cards, I am very poor and if you want to buy them, do contact me. I’m on almost every social networking site such as Twitter, Facebook, Path etc. and if you’re interested, do follow/find me for frequent updates.

When not spending my time with my friends and family, I’m usually playing or watching football. Liverpool FC is my team. YNWA!    Man U

Other info:

I have a fear of ghosts. (due to an unfortunate life-changing incident)

I love dogs.

I do play the occasional “LoL” and Battlefield3

This is a blog created to share my daily escapades, rants and footballing issues. I will also be giving my insights and opinions to global/local news that interest me. Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. sup bro im from Philippines im working in batam indonesia i owned canon 60d but im still noob to use this. do u have a club photography in singapore? can i join?

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